Once Upon A Time

Your first breath took our away...

When comparing prices among photographers, there are some important things to keep in mind – such as how long the photographer has been working with newborns, and where they provide their sessions. Julia has run a studio for the past 2 year and now has everything anyone would need for a newborn session. If we don’t have it – we will get it!

When to Book the Baby

Babies are usually photographed anywhere from 7-14 days. With that being said, it is best to book either during your pregnancy session or as soon as the baby is born. We will set a date from your due date or scheduled c-section, with the understanding that we can easily move the date or time, if baby comes early or late. We ask clients to call us when the baby is born with the arrival date and weight – this way we can plan the best schedule. Babies are best photographed around 10 days, but this is dependent upon the weight. Smaller babies (5/6 pounds) may be photographed around 12-14 days, while as bigger babies should be photographed around 5-12 days.

We are sensitive to Mamas recovery and we will work with you to schedule your baby. Please call either prior to the delivery or once the baby has arrived and our staff will go over the best time to schedule your newborn session. Regardless of our schedule, we always leave time for newborns! The idea is to have gorgeous newborn photos. If you are interested in all of the cute wrapped, squishy baby poses then you should want to come around 5-12 days.

How Long

Newborn sessions generally take about anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. We have a full changing station and a kids play area for the toddlers. We welcome toddlers, parents and grandparents in any session for no additional charge. The session can go over or under the 2 hours, as we will not rush and allow for plenty of time. Julia has a very fluid style of shooting and alcute props, transitions and tons of poses.

Baby Feeding

Mamas are generally instructed to do most of the feeding at our studio so that baby is nice and relaxed. We love a hungry baby! We want this beautiful new baby to relax and feed in our studio. This way we can start with an outfit or wrap while they digest and then continue on as they are nice and comfortable. With that being said, if you want baby naked, then at some point they will poop or pee! And it’s ok!! We are so used to it and it truly doesn’t bother us – we just grab another blanket! We also use heaters and white noise to help soothe babies – and we do have a/c for the hot ones.


General retouching is provided on digital or printed images. We suggest using Eucerin on baby’s skin in the morning after a bath to keep everything soft and smooth. As babies grow the acne and peeling skin will occur. You do not need to worry, as we can really remove anything. We want to show your baby in the best possible natural light and will only retouch upon request. Extensive retouching may require an additional fee. For umbilical cords, we can pose in a way that will disguise it.


The studio is stocked full of blankets in every color, baskets, and more knits, wraps and headbands then you need! We have all of the popular colors and styles for boys and girls. Julia buys blankets and props literally every month, even almost weekly to keep things fresh and new. All materials, wraps, blankets and clothing are washed in dye free detergents and are always kept clean. Julia has a changing table in the studio stocked with wipes and diapers. The staff is not permitted to work when sick, and everyone involved takes the utmost care to clean their hands and be as gentle as possible with newborns. You are also welcome to bring anything from your home.

We take baby safety and care very seriously.

You can trust that we will provide all measures to keep your babies in a clean safe environment.

What To Wear

Clothing for parents and siblings is best when it is nice and simple, and free of patterns or stripes. Julia also has a nice collection of gowns that we often use for pregnancy and newborn sessions, so Mamas have a clothing option. It is best to wear colors that will look great when the artwork is displayed in the home. Light or dark colors, work equally well. Little ones are best kept bare feet and dresses/tutus are available for little girls. For boys, simple jeans and solid t’s are recommended.

Baby Posing and Magic

We always want babies to be safe – as everyone should – and with the many cute baby poses you see, please know that there is retouching involved on our end, and babies are never put in harmful positions.. We love babies as natural as they can be, and we also adore many cute modern poses. We will only provide these poses upon request and can not guarantee any of them.


Julia’s style is classic and timeless. She welcomes your input and we would love the colors of the session to go with your personal style and home decor. We want these images to look amazing in your home and that varies from client to client. Julia has a unique, one of the kind style and keeps up with current trends in regards to styling and post processing. Images can be adjusted in tone for more or less color, depending upon your preferences. When you come in for a session we ask that you choose the blankets, props and clothing to ensure that the style is to your liking. You are welcome to ask for any particular post processed style and we value your input in session planning. You can also just sit back and let Julia handle everything as well.