Let me love you little more before you are not little anymore...

Babies go through so many changes in their first year—it’s a whirlwind! In the first few months, their own little features become more distinct, they are able to hold their head up, interact with you and flash a little smile here and there. Then comes sitting up, using their hands and those amazing belly laughs. Milestone Sessions are designed to document these incredible changes and preserve some of the incredible memories that are made during baby’s amazing first year. Originally designed as part of our Baby’s First Year Plan, we also offer individual Milestone Sessions for families that have not taken part in the plan.

When to Schedule

Milestone Sessions can be scheduled at any time during baby’s first year, but we recommend scheduling around major milestones, like when baby can support himself or herself on their tummy (around 3 to 4 months), and when they’re able to sit up on their own around (6 to 7 months).

How Long

These sessions usually last around 45 min - 1 hour depending on baby. We can take time to feed and snuggle as well as get them used to me as well! Most babies love me, so I normally do not have a hard time coaxing those sweet smiles out, but every baby is different!

What To Know

Anything you can bring to make them laugh and/or capture their attention is perfect! Some fan favorites have been playing videos on your phone, anything that makes noise, and of course playing peek-a-boo 99% of the photos. So be prepared to be silly and loud to get their attention! I do have a radio baby mix playing during your session to add to the ambiance.

Please bring any outfits or special sentimental items you would like to include. If possible, bring baby fully fed as that will give us more time for pictures!

Health: Because of the nature of my job, and the exposure I have to brand new babies, I ask that if ANYONE in your family is sick, that you not bring them to your session. I work extremely hard to ensure that my home and studio is free of germs and sickness, and take it very seriously the health and safety of the newborns & babies that arrive here.

Cake Smash

If you will be adding a Cake Smash to your 1 Year Milestone Session, here are some details! Please note that not all babies end up LOVING the cake or the texture of it. One way to help them prepare is to let them try with a cupcake of similar frosting etc so that it isn't so new to them on their session day. Babies are often hesitant to try new tastes and textures, and this is one way to help them become familiar with it ahead of time.

You will need to bring a cake.

I would love to be able to provide this for my clients, but due to possible food allergens etc, it is unfortunately a liability for me, so I have the parents bring the cake. It is worth noting that If this is the first time that your baby has eaten this type of food, it is a good idea to come with some sort of benadryl just in case there is a reaction. Rare, but it's good to be prepared. Hint: Any type of fluffy whipped or buttercream icing works best. Stay away from fondant as it can be a choking hazard. Also red and blue can be hard to get off baby.