Family sessions



Special Moment Photography Studio  is a destination for more than just a picture. We create a uniquely intimate narrative of your family’s story. Your family is your life, your love and your support. Our goal is to capture and preserve all your precious memories to tell your family’s story in the most beautiful way. No matter the milestone, trust Special Moments Photography Studio  to create something amazing for you.

Where do we start?

Your portrait session should be a reflection of your family. Before our session we will have a consultation so we can discuss your expectations, ideas, and goals for our session. Preparation and communication are the keys to a successful portrait session, so make sure to share all your ideas and concerns with us during our consultation!

Location or Studio

Finding the perfect location is an important part of planning for the photo shoot of your dreams. I have my favorite places, and usually make a recommendation during our consultation based on your personality and style, but I always welcome your location ideas. I’d love to know if there is a place that is sentimental to your family so we can discuss our options and plan the best location to suit your family.

Sunset family sessions

Sunset sessions are shot 1 hour prior to sunset at destinations picked by Julia and the client. Sunset sessions last 1 hour, all the way up until the sun is gone. Sunset sessions fill early, make sure to book yours  in advance.

In-studio family sessions

Our studio offers both natural and artificial light , variety of backdrops, french and contemporary furniture pieces as well as wide selection of props.

Lifestyle family sessions

These take place in your home and incorporate everything about your family, using your home as the background. Julia will capture your family, just as they are, doing activities, playing, cooking, giving bath to your children etc.=


COLOR IS IN! This photo shoot is meant to capture your family, including individuality and style. Helpful tips to keep in mind when choosing outfits:

  • Think coordinating, not matching. Incorporate colors and patterns that fit well together.
  • Don’t be afraid of color! Choose a few neutral colors, and then add a few bright accents to your outfits. Accessories such as scarves, necklaces, and clothing layers are great for this.
  • Wear well fitting clothing. Not too tight, and nothing baggy. If you can’t walk in those pants, don’t wear them!
  • No logos please. To keep the look timeless, try to avoid trendy clothing with words or logos.
  • Always feel free to text or email me your clothing options laid out before our session!


  • Get your kids excited for the session and let them know how much fun it will be, but no need to over prepare them or add too much pressure for “best behavior”
  • Kids pick up on your stress, so stay cool, even when they throw a tantrum
  • Our goal is to capture their true expressions, and keeping it light and fun is essential to that.
  • Our best behaved children (and adults for that matter) are usually those that are well fed before our session. Feel free to bring treats to reward good behavior during our session!

Maternity sessions

The Pregnancy Stage of a Woman’s life is one of the fastest growing developmental times. You are growing a baby – yay you! I know it’s not always comfortable…the cramps, the bloating, the swelling…oh my not feeling so amazing?! It’s ok. My job as a photographer is to make you look and feel amazing. Then you can throw your legs up and eat chocolate the rest of the day! As a Mom I know how it feels to be pregnant, I also know why I had pregnancy photos taken. It wasn’t for ME, but for the generation following behind. I want my daughter to know how proud I was to be called to be her Mother. I also know that if someone handed me photos of my biological Mother pregnant with me, it would mean the world to me.

The best time to schedule your pregnancy session is around 28-34 weeks, when the tummy is nice and round. This will vary with each women – and some women who carry small, or gain little weight may choose to wait until they are 36-38 weeks.You want to come when you feel good, have a nice belly but before the downward venture begins! Other women who are growing a bit more rapidly, may choose to come around 28-32 weeks. The idea is to come when you are nice and comfortable and have a nice round belly. It is best to schedule at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

Our studio always leaves room for the expected Mama and new arrivals, so if you near the end of your term and need a session, just call our studio so we can get you in!

It is best to schedule 3-4 weeks in advance, however; we never turn anyone away! So if you waited until the last minute and you really need photos before you pop call us! You can choose from a studio, home or location session.

Newborn Sessions

When comparing prices among photographers, there are some important things to keep in mind – such as how long the photographer has been working with newborns, and where they provide their sessions.Julia has run a studio for the past 2 year and now has everything anyone would need for a newborn session. If we don’t have it – we will get it!

{When to Book the Baby}

Babies are usually photographed anywhere from 7-14 days. With that being said, it is best to book either during your pregnancy session or as soon as the baby is born. We will set a date from your due date or scheduled c-section, with the understanding that we can easily move the date or time, if baby comes early or late. We ask clients to call us when the baby is born with the arrival date and weight – this way we can plan the best schedule. Babies are best photographed around 10 days, but this is dependent upon the weight. Smaller babies (5/6 pounds) may be photographed around 12-14 days, while as bigger babies should be photographed around 5-12 days.

We are sensitive to Mamas recovery and we will work with you to schedule your baby. Please call either prior to the delivery or once the baby has arrived and our staff will go over the best time to schedule your newborn session. Regardless of our schedule, we always leave time for newborns! The idea is to have gorgeous newborn photos. If you are interested in all of the cute wrapped, squishy baby poses then you should want to come around 5-12 days.

{How Long are the Sessions}

Newborn sessions generally take about anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. We have a full changing station and a kids play area for the toddlers. We welcome toddlers, parents and grandparents in any session for no additional charge. The session can go over or under the 2 hours, as we will not rush and allow for plenty of time. Julia has a very fluid style of shooting and alcute props, transitions and tons of poses.

{Baby Feeding}

Mamas are generally instructed to do most of the feeding at our studio so that baby is nice and relaxed. We love a hungry baby! We want this beautiful new baby to relax and feed in our studio. This way we can start with an outfit or wrap while they digest and then continue on as they are nice and comfortable. With that being said, if you want baby naked, then at some point they will poop or pee! And it’s ok!! We are so used to it and it truly doesn’t bother us – we just grab another blanket! We also use heaters and white noise to help soothe babies – and we do have a/c for the hot ones.


General retouching is provided on digital or printed images. We suggest using Eucerin on baby’s skin in the morning after  a bath to keep everything soft and smooth. As babies grow the acne and peeling skin will occur. You do not need to worry, as we can really remove anything. We want to show your baby in the best possible natural light and will only retouch upon request. Extensive retouching may require an additional fee. For umbilical cords, we can pose in a way that will disguise it.

{Prop Stash}

The studio is stocked full of blankets in every color, baskets, and more knits, wraps and headbands then you need! We have all of the popular colors and styles for boys and girls. Julia buys blankets and props literally every month, even almost weekly to keep things fresh and new. All materials, wraps, blankets and clothing are washed in dye free detergents and are always kept clean. Julia has a changing table in the studio stocked with wipes and diapers. The staff is not permitted to work when sick, and everyone involved takes the utmost care to clean their hands and be as gentle as possible with newborns. You are also welcome to bring anything from your home.

We take baby safety and care very seriously.

You can trust that we will provide all measures to keep your babies in a clean safe environment.

{Clothing for Family}

Clothing for parents and siblings is best when it is nice and simple, and free of patterns or stripes. Julia also has a nice collection of gowns that we often use for pregnancy and newborn sessions, so Mamas have a clothing option. It is best to wear colors that will look great when the artwork is displayed in the home. Light or dark colors, work equally well. Little ones are best kept bare feet and dresses/tutus are available for little girls. For boys, simple jeans and solid t’s are recommended.

{Baby Posing and Magic}

We always want babies to be safe – as everyone should – and with the many cute baby poses you see, please know that there is retouching involved on our end, and babies are never put in harmful positions.. We love babies as natural as they can be, and we also adore many cute modern poses. We will only provide these poses upon request and can not guarantee any of them.


Julia’s style is classic and timeless. She welcomes your input and we would love the colors of the session to go with your personal style and home decor. We want these images to look amazing in your home and that varies from client to client. Julia has a unique, one of the kind style and  keeps up with current trends in regards to styling and post processing. Images can be adjusted in tone for more or less color, depending upon your preferences. When you come in for a session we ask that you choose the blankets, props and clothing to ensure that the style is to your liking. You are welcome to ask for any particular post processed style and we value your input in session planning. You can also just sit back and let Julia handle everything as well.

Milestone sessions

Babies go through so many changes in their first year—it’s a whirlwind! In the first few months, their own little features become more distinct, they are able to hold their head up, interact with you and flash a little smile here and there. Then comes sitting up, using their hands and those amazing belly laughs. Milestone Sessions are designed to document these incredible changes and preserve some of the incredible memories that are made during baby’s amazing first year. Originally designed as part of our Baby’s First Year Plan, we also offer individual Milestone Sessions for families that have not taken part in the plan.

Milestone Sessions can be scheduled at any time during baby’s first year, but we recommend scheduling around major milestones, like when baby can support himself or herself on their tummy (around 3 to 4 months), and when they’re able to sit up on their own around (6 to 7 months).

These sessions usually last around 45 min – 1 hour depending on baby. We can take time to feed and snuggle as well as get them used to me as well! Most babies love me, so I normally do not have a hard time coaxing those sweet smiles out, but every baby is different!

Anything you can bring to make them laugh and/or capture their attention is perfect! Some fan favorites have been playing videos on your phone, anything that makes noise, and of course playing peek-a-boo 99% of the photos. So be prepared to be silly and loud to get their attention! I do have a radio baby mix playing during your session to add to the ambiance.


  1. Please bring any outfits or special sentimental items you would like to include.
  2. If possible, bring baby fully fed as that will give us more time for pictures!
  3. Ask me if you have any questions! I am happy to help!

Health: Because of the nature of my job, and the exposure I have to brand new babies, I ask that if ANYONE in your family is sick, that you not bring them to your session. I work extremely hard to ensure that my home and studio is free of germs and sickness, and take it very seriously the health and safety of the newborns & babies that arrive here.

Cake Smash: If you will be adding a Cake Smash to your 1 Year Milestone Session, here are some details!    ~ Please note that not all babies end up LOVING the cake or the texture of it. One way to help them prepare is to let them try with a cupcake of similar frosting etc so that it isn’t so new to them on their session day. Babies are often hesitant to try new tastes and textures, and this is one way to help them become familiar with it ahead of time. ~

Items you will need to bring:  The Cake

I would love to be able to provide this for my clients, but due to possible food allergens etc, it is unfortunately a liability for me, so I have the parents bring the cake.  It is worth noting that If this is the first time that your baby has eaten this type of food, it is a good idea to come with some sort of benadryl just in case there is a reaction. Rare, but it’s good to be prepared. Hint: Any type of fluffy whipped or butter cream icing works best. Stay away from fondant as it can be a chocking hazard. Also red and blue can be hard to get off baby.

Portrait Sessions

Beauty is not on the outside, it’s something that shines out from inside.

Julia’s style of contemporary fashion-inspired portraiture gives her clients the experience of looking like the women in magazines and feeling beautiful. Sessions are designed to pamper and celebrate everything about her clients. Julia believes beauty is not on the outside, it’s something that shines out when you love who you are.

No matter what you feel you look like today, good or bad, down the road you’ll be glad you did!

The question is, what do you do for a portrait session?

Many women either plan a family portrait session or reach out for a boudoir session. While boudoir is great and something we offer, not all women want to do such an intimate session. A high fashion portrait session can be just the thing for you!

Celebrate your unique beauty and style with high fashion session that puts you center stage. Special Moments Photography Studio designs a photography experience that brings out the best in you. Our personalized consultant works with you to craft a photo session so you get exactly what you always imagined: You. Being fabulous.

Let us handle the details so you can relax and enjoy the experience. Your personal stylist will work with you to provide the most flattering hairstyle and make-up to suit your personality and your style. You can choose any look, whether that’s the glam of a movie star, the attitude of a pin-up model, or simply you being the best version of yourself.

Our sessions combine contemporary, fashionable portrait photography, flattering poses, and styles in a comfortable, fun environment. After your pampering session with your personal stylist, our photographer creates a world for you to come out and play in. You are the center of attention. Then our photographer will guide the fashion shoot around your comfort level and make sure you look amazing frame after frame.

Our mission is to make women look and feel beautiful!